Building a social “HOLON structure” with “i” to further enhance the connection between humans and the environment.

Our Business Overview

-business overview-

System Developing

iHOLON started out in the contract product development business. We have been committed to manufacturing products that are close to our customers as we have been since the time of our founding.Currently, we are also developing our own products at the same time.

Contract Product Development Business

iHOLON has a large number of engineers with rich experience in various technical fields, and we have a system in place to handle everything from proposal to support.
We also provide solutions that meet the characteristics of the industry and the purpose of implementation to meet all kinds of needs.

In-house Product Development Business

We are working daily on product development to create new services by flexibly responding to changes in social conditions and the environment while fully utilizing our own resources.
We will create products that make our lives more convenient and comfortable by incorporating IoT technology, which connects all objects to the Internet, and AI technology, which is utilized to make the most of big data.

Business Recruting

Those looking for a job

iHOLON has over 20,000 jobs available at any given time.
Regardless of nationality, type of job, or location, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Companies looking to recruit

iHOLON is available to companies throughout Japan and can introduce you to the most suitable candidates through our worldwide network. Please feel free to contact us.

For companies considering SES

We will introduce you to engineers with the skills and experience you require.
Please feel free to contact us.

Meet Our Members

Tina Li

Title:Chief Consultant

Liz Feng

Title:Career Advisor


Title:Senior Consultant

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We have Completed our Trademark Registration!

iHOLON has completed its trademark registration. We would like to give special thanks to Mr. Shinichi KAMOSHIDA of SHAKIR KAMOSHIDA IP (https://www.skiplf.com/), for assisting us through the process. We hope to continue to expand our business in..

DX EXPO at Tokyo Big Sight

From 2023.2.7 to 2023.2.9, we attended the DX EXPO, an exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight, to introduce our new product “PoliJob”. We give our appreciation to those who took interest in our product. Please wait for..

Our Self-Developed Product “PoliJob” has been Completed!

iHOLON has completed its self-developed product “PoliJob”. PoliJob is a system that serves as both a business management system and a job site. Employees, human resources departments, and recruitment agencies can share information with the system. It..

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