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Our representative has many years of experience and business achievements as an engineer in various fields of AI, IoT, Big Data, FinTech, and Infrastructure in China, Japan, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Thanks to the knowledge and network, we have a large number of engineers with rich experience in all technical fields, enabling us to not only run a system development business, but also develop our own products all by ourselves.

For those who are having trouble with system development, we are ready to help out through the entire process from proposal to afterward support. We will do our best to provide solutions that meet the characteristics of your industry and the purpose of your implementation.

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iHOLON’s development business supports a variety of areas and fields, including both consignment and in-house development.
If you have any questions, please contact iHOLON.

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Comprehensive Business Partnership with International Certified

Administrative Procedures Legal Management Office KatahiraDecember 1, 2019 iHOLON Co., Ltd. and International Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Management Office Katahira Takadanobaba 4-12-7, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, “We can provide “”foreign talent introduction”” and “”work visa application”” all at...


Conclusion of Business Partnership Agreement with Indian

Human Resources Introduction CompanyConclusion of Business Partnership Agreement with Indian Human Resources Introduction Company November 20, 2019 Following our business partnership with India’s top talent placement companies in September, we have concluded a business partnership agreement with...

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HR sample

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Yes, you are welcome to join us. Please apply here.

Contact us here and let us know if you have any requests.

Yes, you can communicate with us through Zoom, Skype, Google meet, LINE, WeChat, and Facebook etc.

We offer different ways of introduction to meet your needs, such as human resource introduction, SES contract, and alliance contract. Contact us here.

Yes, we also support Chinese and English. Please feel free to let us know your needs.